PoseDesigner is a simple tool created to make it easier for applications to integrate Kinect gesture recognition. The first iteration is designed to robustly create and recognize static poses, and subsequent releases will extend the framework to deal with gestures.


  • Take multiple samples of a pose to automatically generate a profile.
  • Timed sampling for individual developers.
  • Export data to XML based format.
  • Each sample has corresponding image for easy recollection of what you were doing.
  • Developed using OpenNI and Qt.
  • For future plans check out the Roadmap.

kinect gesture recognition


PoseDesigner is currently targeted at Kinect developers who’re using the OpenNI framework on a Windows7 machine. The installer comes packaged with all the files necessary to get started if you don’t have drivers, etc. installed.

Support/Get Involved

If you have trouble with the program or would like to see something implemented or improved, please contact me, I’ll be glad to help.

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