Lost at Sea

Year Game Mode Reviews Download
2010 Quake III: Arena FFA/TDM lvlworld kazdm5.zip

Think of it. On the surface there is hunger and fear. Men still exercise unjust laws. They fight, tear one another to pieces. A mere few feet beneath the waves their reign ceases, their evil drowns. Here on the ocean floor is the only independence. Here I am free! Imagine what would happen if they controlled machines such as this submarine boat. Far better that they think there’s a monster and hunt me with harpoons. – Captain Nemo

Lost at Sea was my entry for the NoGhost/Maverickservers Summer 2010 Mapping competition, where it received 4th place. The primary aim was to create a unique environment that had not been seen in Quake 3 previously – I decided to do an underwater theme.

Due to time constraints, I did not create brand new textures, but rather re-appropriated textures from existing sets, specifically Evil Lair‘s evil8 and iD’s proto2 textures. There are 4 atria, with the center containing a hanging personal submarine, which I modeled and skinned over several weeks. The gameplay is designed to be smoothly flowing and fast paced. Ultimately I am happy with the result, and hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Note: Included in the .pk3 are all of the various models I created, and anyone who wishes to use them for whatever purpose is free to do so.